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Playing Catch Up …

It’s time to play catch up and highlight several of the ’cue joints Susan and I have encountered in our various travels this year. Since mid-summer, we’ve managed to sample the pork from finer smoke pits from the Mississippi Delta, north Alabama, North Carolina, and even Arizona (yep, we were as surprised as anyone to find real barbecue in Tucson).



Stinkers’ BBQ and more …

As you all know, the TL3 likes to search out good eating – particularly that of the barbeque variety – while we’re traveling around, making racket.

And the only thing that could be better than finding good smoked pork on the road is finding good smoked pork at the gig venue. Enter Stinker’s BBQ at the Shed.

... continued


A little remiss …

We’ve been pretty remiss in keeping up our barbeque blog this year, and for that we offer our humble apologies. Things have been busy around the TL3 Headquarters, but we have been eating (and I’m still working on my slow-smoking skills).

A great recent discovery came during a recent trip to play shows in Georgia. Susan had been following a place in Atlanta called Fox Bros. Barbeque on twitter for a while, so we decided to give it a try. Plus the menu offered something called Jalapeno Chips, so I was definitely on board.

... continued


And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Rib Bones...
I’m Dreaming of a Smoked Christmas

Who would have guessed that the December Holiday Season would provide such a wealth of barbeque travels?

Mine and Susan’s Deep South trek to visit family ended up as an orgy of delectable smoked pork products through Alabama and Mississippi. But the month’s ’que-oriented activities began with a return trip to Knoxville’s own Sweet P’s Barbeque and Soul House, which I wrote about in the November 30 edition of the BBQ Blog.

... continued


A Slight Diversion

Although our usual on-the-road gastronomical endeavors generally involve smoked pork, we’re open-minded diners. So we were prepared to take up our spoons without hesitation last weekend when our Macon, Ga., host Vic Stanley informed us he was making chili.

... continued


Latest BBQ Adventures ...

The week after our CD release show here in Knoxville, we took a trip to mine and Susan’s home state of Mississippi to play shows in Jackson and Oxford. Making the trek from east Tennessee to Jackson on I-59/20 involves going through Tuscaloosa, the home of the University of Alabama. And the home of the original Dreamland Barbeque, our choice for the best ribs anywhere.

As the motto says, “There ain’t nothin’ like ‘em nowhere.”

... continued


A Few of Our Favorite Things...

For decades, blues, soul and R&B artists have played a series of venues and clubs across the Deep South referred to collectively as the “chitlin’ circuit.”

As the TL3 has made our way up and down the highways, playing rock n’ roll and making friends, we’ve also spent our fair share of time hunting down good eating. We’re basically foodies by nature, so we like it all: funky diners, upscale gourmet joints, taverns, taco stands ... you name it, we’ll consider it.

But our favorite is barbeque: slow-smoked meat (preferably pig) with vinegary sauce and slaw. Yum....

... continued

We like to eat when we're on the road.

Chain food places are fine if there are no other choices, but we prefer to try the local fare. And while we will eat just about anything, our first choice is bar-b-q.

Take us to your favorite local smoke pit and you've made friends for life.

This space will eventually host a blog of sorts... mostly about eating on the road among other things.

The widget you see to your right is from, a groovy social network that's all about sharing (virtually) what you're eating. I reckon it seemed like the perfect delivery vehicle for the food porn, much in the way that ribs are the perfect delivery vehicle for the sauce.

If you have a favorite place to eat, let us know. If we come to town, take us there. We'll make it worth your while.

Now, where's my fork?